Early 2015 MacBook Pro 13″ Detailed Pricing Guide

We macbook pro nao!

this is a Retina MacBook Pro, so I believe the battery can only be replaced by Apple, and they do a keyboard swap because the battery is glued…

All my spec information is based from EveryMac.com. I recommend that website for official and enthusiast information. Additionally check out tonymacx86 or macrumors.

There are a few different configurations before the CTO/BTO stuff.

  • MF839LL/A
  • MF841LL/A
  • MF843LL/A

A1502 is the model number. This is shared by the previous years. So you could get a Late 2013 or Mid 2014 w/ Haswell processor, only the Early 2015 is a Broadwell (5th gen)

If you are buying blind, always search the serial number using everymac.com, it’ll give you the specs of it before opening it up, unless they removed or replaced parts in it.

Just FYI, late 2014 models were sold til 2015, additionally the Early 2015 model was discontinued in June 2017! So someone might say it’s a 2016 or 2017 model because they bought a 2015 in that year. yeah… There are good mac people and there are bad mac people and scammers, so watch out when getting a new unit.


  • 2.7GHz i5-5257u
  • 2.9GHz i5-5287u
  • 3.1GHz i7-5557u

Also the ‘models’, are called by their processor. e.g. MacBook Pro Core i5 2.9 13″ early 2015

there is no dGPU on the 13″ machines, so there is no (IG) or (DG) identifier like the 15″ MBP.

The iGPU is Intel Iris Graphics 6100, so 1.5GB of your RAM is usually being hogged by the GPU.

RAM is soldiered on, so you are stuck with

  • 8GB   DDR3 1866MHz
  • 16GB DDR3 1866MHz

For what it is, 8GB is enough for anyone, 16GB is for bragging rights.

SSD Options:

  • 128GB
  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • 1TB – Option for MF841LL/A models

These use PCIe SSDs. I am not sure when Apple did the whole proprietary SSD thing to where you couldn’t use SSDs from off the shelf. Not a mac techie, so I don’t know which is wat. 😛

Early 2015 MBP 13 – $620 – 970 // 1,600 ~ 75 v 610

Pricing by pages (5th lowest, then middle priced, then 5th last)

1st  – $330 – 715   – 800

2nd – $800 – 850    – 920

3rd – $930  – 1,150 – 1,800

Not many Macs available but a lot of macs sold! So they aren’t on the market for very long. This is good as its not stale and always a new mac out there. You might be able to get a working 2015 for $500 if the person is desperate or doesn’t care. There are a lot of water damaged units, up to $700 and past that too…

If I were actively looking for one to keep, I’d probably get one at $800 before considering other models.

36 Risky – $400 – 520 // 800

510 SSD – $660  – 900 // 1,450

10 Refurb – $780 – 960  // 1,400

9 NIB        – $950  – 1,100 // 1,800

9 New       – $1,000 – 1,470 // 2,000

There aren’t really any real ‘Apple Refurbished’ via eBay. I’d just buy directly from Apple with someone’s student email for that discount. Most of these refurbs were just resetted units, I’d get one that had a replaced battery IMO, otherwise, just go for a used unit. Finally, if you are buying a new unit, just know that a lot of people are selling Mint condition, unscratched units as ‘new’ machines, among other things. You can get a factory sealed unit but a lot of this is sketchy IMO…

As always, deal with the troll bidders!

325 AUC – $510  – 860   // 1,200

285 BIN   – $500   – 900   // 1,300

294 i5       – $610    – 900   // 1,050

87   i7       – $1,020 – 1,430 // 1,850

123 16GB – $830   – 1,340 // 1,800

The low numbers of the Auction and buy it now are bad laptops. the price of the i7 upgrade is phenomenal.

14 lobo – $240 – 450 // 650

8  keys  – $20 – 35

18 LCD – $170 – 300 // 400

14 Battery – $170 – 250 // 350 – New battery & Keyboard service for $200 at the Apple store!

The Macbook doesn’t come with a motherboard, a logic board! I didn’t get good results w/ ‘motherboard’ but ‘logic board’ worked. Also people sell bad logic boards and screens, so watch out for that. “It’s working great, it just has iCloud!” Right buddy… right.

some people are selling the entire keyboard assembly with battery. So when I searched for keyboards, I disregarded the key assembly. Likewise, when I searched for the battery, it was the entire assembly.

The battery is glued onto the palmrest and can crack the touchpad, best of luck removing that. In addition, people are selling either broken keys, bad trackpad, or bad battery…

with that said, if your battery is bad, or you have a bad keyboard/touchpad, I highly highly recommend just going to the Apple store or an authorized Apple repair shop to get your unit replaced. BRB going to go trash dig their trashcans and get 5x MBPs so I can resell the replaced units for forever… (:


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