Current ThinkPad Model guide

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There are many, many, many ThinkPads out there in this world. The first ThinkPad had been made by IBM in 1992, and almost always, they’ve been known for their name and not necessarily their model.
They’ve consistently looked the same and are instantly recognizable by their shape, just like a Porsche 911.
Lets briefly go over the THINK slogan.

  • THINK has been a slogan coined by Thomas Watson when he was managing departments from the  National Cash Register, which formed with other companies to become IBM.
  • Watson became president and CEO of IBM, and still used the slogan at work and it trickled to ‘THINK’ being posted on their machines, brochures, uniforms, & merchandise,
  • IBM had given all of their employees a pocket sized notepad bound in black leather with the words ‘THINK’ imprinted in gold lettering. This was nicknamed as a ThinkPad by the employees.
  • During the time IBM was developing their first slate tablet in 1991, it was nicknamed ThinkPad by Denny Wainwright and other’s followed suit.
  • The IBM 2521 had been showcased at a consumer show in march 1992, Kathy Vieth called it the ThinkPad to press and customers.
  • In October 1992, IBM officially called their North American laptop line, the ThinkPad.
  • Later they branded their business desktops, as the ThinkCentre.
  • Lenovo, a chinese company, bought the ThinkPad line in 2005 & had an agreement to produce laptops under the ThinkPad & IBM name.
  • In 2007, Lenovo decided to remove the IBM branding from ThinkPads, originally they had an agreement to use IBM’s name til 2010.
  • In 2008, Lenovo renamed some parts of the higher end ThinkCentre models to ThinkStation.

Ok, so IBM ThinkPad, Lenovo ThinkPad??? To make this relatively simple, all widescreen (16:10 or 16:9 aspect ratio) ThinkPads are Lenovos.
4:3 aspect ratio ThinkPads are ‘Real IBM ThinkPads’, though there are a few exceptions… that’s a discussion for a later date.

Now if we go to Lenovo’s laptop page, we have a few laptops to choose (Lenovo changes there website ever 4 months or something, whatever)

Obviously, we are going to focus on the ThinkPad and want to get them. Not that the other laptop lines are bad, but they are not durable or fit the MIL-SPEC standards as the ThinkPad (Aluminum MacBook Fanboys, GTFO).

Lets pretend there are power levels of Lenovo’s laptop line, ThinkPad being the best, then Ideapad, Yoga and Lenovo…

The Lenovo ‘line’

  • Entry level of laptops, made by Lenovo
  • It is their consumer line of laptops, not business like we want
  • bottom of the barrel
  • Don’t @ me if you buy one of these


  • Lenovo’s Tablet & Tablet Convertable laptop line.
  • These are consumer devices, do not confuse it with the ThinkPad Yoga.
  • All of these have a touch screen, sometimes even a digitizer.
  • The laptops can fold to a 360 degree angle to be used as a tablet, with the keyboard as the bottom (the display does not swivel and rest on the keyboard)
  • For the smaller tablets, Lenovo makes Android & Windows Yoga machines, adding to the confusion.


  • Do not confuse this with a ThinkPad, build quality & market audience is completely different!
  • Lenovo introduced the ideapad line to market to middle & high end laptops, these also cover gaming laptops.
  • Please do not post on /tpg/ asking for ‘is blah blah gamer laptop gud?’, take it to /sqt/ or whatever gamequeer topics are posted there.
  • Y Series, Legion & Flex laptops are commonly under the IdeaPad line.
  • I personally own a Y40-70 laptop for video editing/gaming. TouchPad, keyboard & battery life suck compared to a ThinkPad.

ThinkPad Line

So there are a LOT of different ThinkPads. All with different options. I believe all of them can be configured to have a touchscreen.
The bigger laptops have a numberpad.
I saved this photo from earlier when Lenovo had a discrete page for their ThinkPad line, but they seemed to change it recently…
For the most part, the number after the letter designates what size screen it is… if you add 10 to it. 🙂

  • 14″ – T470, E470, L470, A475, P40
  • 15″ – T470, E570, L570, P50, P51, W550s, W541
  • 12″ – X270
  • 17″ – P70, P71, (old W700, W701)
  • 13″ – Yoga 370, ThinkPad 13
  • 11″ – 11e, X141e


ThinkPad T – Mainstream Business Line | T Series | Two Sizes

The T Series is the most common ThinkPad you will come across from, this is what a ThinkPad envision, just like how someone envisions an Apple Macbook, Panasonic ToughBook,
T Series come in two flavors, a 14″ and 15″ size factors, usually the latter has a beefier heat sink and better GPU optons.
In addition to this, there might be a letter suffix at the end of the models. e.g. T470s, T470p.
S stands for sleek.
P stands for performance.

Looking at the lineup we have a few different machines. The base 14″ T470, the sleeker T470s, the performance T470p, and then the bigger 15.6″ T570.
There are some differences to these machines too.
Note, these machines can come configured with a 6th gen i5/i7 or 7th gen i5/i7 processors.

T470 (base model)

  • Gud battery life, supposedly 18 hours
  • Dual array microphones
  • Weight 4+ lbs
  • 720p TN, & 1080p IPS (touch optional)
  • Dualcore only, Intel 620 integrated, 32GB ram max
  • Starts at $880

T470s (sleek model)

  • different body design as the T470, has a silver color option.
  • Arguably, they look nicer, compared to the T470, it has a sleeker design and ports in different places.
  • Less battery life because thinner, dual array microphone removed
  • IPS 1080p (touch optional) & 1440p (WQHD)
  • dualcore only, Intel 620 integrated, 20GB ram max (soldiered ram slot???)
  • Starts at $1080

T470p (performance model)

  • similar to T470 design, but different fan guard design and ports are moved slightly different.
  • 12 hour battery life tho
  • The only T-Series with an nVidia GPU, Intel 630 integrated as well
  • Quadcore options, 32GB ram max & 2400MHz
  • 1080p, 1440p (WQHD) & touchscreen options
  • Starts at $940

T570 (15.6″ ThinkPad)

  • Oddly, this has less port options than the T470, it is missing mDP, & SD card slot
  • 27 hour battery life! Longest out of them all, has one removable battery unlike the previous three
  • Dual core only, nVidia GPU option, 32GB ram max, has numberpad
  • 720p, 1080p or beautiful 2160p (UHD/4K)
  • Starts at $900

ThinkPad 25 – T25 – ThinkPad Anniversary Edition

  • An exclusive built ThinkPad with a very high price tag, based from the T470p
  • 7 row keyboard similar to the T410/T420 but backlit
  • Comes with cool stuff
  • Limited production
  • Starts at $1900 lmaooooo


ThinkPad X – Portability Line | X Series & Executive | Three variants

Alright, I was super in depth with those previous thinkpads but we fast pacing this ish nao so less specs n shizz.
X ThinkPads are known for their super portability, & thin designs. Some people could not believe they made ThinkPads so thin.

X270 – 12″ Ultraportable variant of T Series

  • Integrated graphics only & dualcore models only
  • 720p, IPS 1080p + touch option.
  • 21 hour battery life, one removable battery
  • smallest ‘rugged’ ThinkPad, I started with a X61 Tablet :3
  • IMO that last X-Series (robust design, ultrabase) died with the X230
  • Starts at $880

X1 Carbon (5th Gen) – 14″ Flagship Model – Thinnest ThinkPad

  • Lenovo’s Executive and Exclusive ThinkPad
  • Built to be excessively thin, originally Macbook Air 13″ competitor.
  • Dem LCD bezels, comes in black or silver color options
  • Dualcore only, & integrated graphics only
  • The ‘1st Gen’ X1 Carbon came out 2013
  • Starts at $1500

X1 Yoga (2nd Gen) – 14″ Convertible Tablet

  • Like the Yoga laptops, you can fold the display all the way back and use it like a laptop.
  • This X1 Yoga is slightly thicker than a ‘regular’ X1 due to its Tablet features & can hold a digitizer in it’s palmrest
  •  Although there is a ThinkPad Yoga, this is for those who want an attractive, thin, exclusive Yoga in styled as a Yoga.
  • Starts at $1800


ThinkPad P – Performance Workstations | P Series | 14″, 15″ & 17″ Form Factors

I have to go back a bit to explain the P-Series, technically this is the successor to the W-Series, which was the successor to the T61p, but the T470p isn’t necessarily a P-Series…
The W-Series used to be the original Performance ThinkPad after the T61, & had 15″ or 17″ versions.
Lenovo stopped making ‘p’ suffix T-Series from 2009 to 2012, until the incarnation of the T440p.
Those who want to get a P-Series are looking for a ISV certified laptop, these come with Quadro video cards meant for the professional environment.
The reason the T470p isn’t a P-Series is that it has an consumer nVidia MX card and not a professional Quadro card (different drivers, shaders, RAM & clocks speed).
Also the P-Series are much much more expensive to buy, they also don’t share the same body/frame as T-Series or ThinkPad Yogas.
Some of the P-Series can have Xeon processors, in addition to this, they also have two fans for cooling.

P71 – 17.3″ Desktop Replacement – i7 HQ 7th Gen or Xeon E3 v6 Mobile

  • 1080p or 2160p (4K) IPS
  • nVidia Quadro M620 2GB, M2200 2GB, P3000 6GB, P4000 8GB, P5000 16GB
  • Dual cooling, dual HDD/SSD, 64GB ram max
  • Starts at $1340

P70 – 17.3″ Desktop Replacement – i7 HQ 6th Gen or Xeon E3 v5 Mobile – Phasing out

  • 2160p (4K) IPS only
  • nVidia Quadro M600M 2GB, M3000M 4GB, M4000M 4GB, M5000M 8GB
  • Dual cooling, dual HDD/SSD, 64GB ram max
  • Starts at $1890, I am guessing because its 2160p only

P51 – 15.6″ Workstation –  i7 HQ 7th Gen or Xeon E3 v6 Mobile

  • 1080p (touchscreen optional), or 2160p IPS
  • nVidia Quadro M620 2GB, M2200 2GB
  • Dual cooling, dual HDD/SSD, 64GB ram max
  • Starts at $1340

P51s – 15.6″ Ultrabook Workstation – i7 DualCore 7th Gen

  • 1080p (touchscreen optional), or 2160p IPS
  • nVidia Quadro M520 2GB GDDR5 only
  • Dual core i7 only, no quadcore GG
  • Ultrabook Mobile Workstation = fans running 100% because thin cool design > productivity
  • Starts at $962

 P50 – 15.6″ Wotkstation p i7 HQ 6th Gen or Xeon E3 v6 Mobile

  • 1080p or 4K display
  • nVidia Quadro M1000M 1GB or 2GB & M2000M 4GB
  • Dual cooling like previously
  • Starts at $1380

P40 Yoga – 14.1″ 2 in 1 Tablet Mobile Workstation – 6th Gen DualCore i7

  • 1080p Matte or 1440p Glossy TouchScreen
  • nVidia Quadro M500M 2GB
  • Two processors both have 4MB Cache, but one is slightly higher with 100 MHz base clock and 300 MHz Turbo… not worth more than $50 IMO
  • This doesn’t have a digitizer? News to me.
  • Starts at $1330


Yoga Series – ThinkPad Yoga

The ThinkPad Yoga is the unscucessor to the X230 Tablet. I say this because they don’t have the single hinge that twist, rather typical dual hinged design that folds all the way back.
The drawback is that your keyboard can get dirty or scraped for being on the bottom.
This laptop is just like the consumer Yoga, but with a ThinkPad keyboard and slightly thicker base to have traditional ports.
One of Lenovo’s engineers admitted they designed the Yoga very close to the Macbook Air.

ThinkPad Yoga 370 – 13.3″ – 7th Gen i5 or i7 Dualcore

  • 1080p Touch Display & Digitizer Support (Lenovo Active Pen)
  • Four CPU choices, 2x i5 or 2x i7
  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Some units have soldiered RAM, others have one removable slot, with 8GB or 16GB DDR4L
  • Built on a carbon body, surprised me not being plastic!
  • Available in Black or Silver :O
  • Starts at 1250 ;O



I’m not saying that they aren’t, but enthusiasts and /tpg/ wannabe enthusiasts (fake-hivemind) say that these aren’t Real ThinkPads.
Traditionally, there was just T A X R line of ThinkPads in the IBM era, with an occasional S, G or Transnote.
Those days are long gone, the keyboards & build quality went downhill since the T410… Anyways these are still ThinkPads, maybe not the Traditional ones but hey, if you don’t think so, buy a Macbook and GTFO.

ThinkPad E – Edge Series – 14″ & 15″ Super Economical Small Business machine

OK pass on these ThinkPads, the keyboards succ real bad on these and build quality is atrocious.
Plastic everything except for the hinges, & aluminum pieces
Lenovo used to build these with gaming graphics cards instead of business or workstation cards, because people will look at benchmarks & I can’t tell you how many times people said “This E series is way better because I can play GTA V with mods and this older ThinkPad cant”! Luckily those people never post on /tpg/ or hella regret it afterwards.
Another thing is that E-Series can be configured with an AMD processor or Intel one, and it could be an i3.
Luckily they are changing this for the newer models.

E470 – 14″ Economy – Intel i3, i5 or i7, 6th gen or 7th gen

  • Dat build quality
  • Integrated Intel HD 620 only (for this form factor, dGPU isn’t anything better)
  • 720p TN & 1080p IPS non-touch (matte?)
  • Starts at $500+

E475 – 14″ Budget Thinkpad – AMD A6 or A10

  • Dem gayming AMD Radeon R5 or M430 graphics
  • 720p display, lackluster indeed, Lenovo finds a way to gimp ya!
  • Starts at $440+

E570 – 15″ Economy –  Intel i3, i5 or i7, 6th gen or 7th gen

  • I wouldn’t doubt this shares the same motherboard as the E470
  • Intel HD 620
  • 720p or 1080p IPS non touch
  • Comes with a DVD drive, which I literally believe they had to make for grandpa buyers
  • Starts at $540 🙂

ThinkPad L – L Series – sLightLy better Edge Series

So… I don’t know what the L Series really composes of.
However a few enthusiasts like the machine, and say it is a better machine to get than the Edge.
I believe they are similar to the R Series historically, but not as consumer cheap as the Edge.
I think older L series had AMD processors, and they also rocked Core 2 Duos during the Core i5 era (x

L470 – 14″ Entry Business – Intel i3, i5, i7; 6th or 7th Gen

  • Intel HD 520 or 620 (depending on CPU gen) or AMD Radeon R5 M430 2GB graphics (cl sellers advert GAMUR LAPTOP every day…)
  • 720p TN or 1080p IPS
  • Starts at $690

L570 – 15″ Entry Business – Intel i3, i5, i7; 6th or 7th Gen

  • Intel HD 520 or 620 Graphics (no dGPU :O)
  • 720p TN or 1080p IPS
  • Starts at $700


ThinkPad A – Lenovo’s AMD Variants of T and X series

So Lenovo now has an A Series, but not like the Multimedia Workstations they had prior.
These are AMD based machines, built directly upon X and T series frames.
I think this is great, Edge and L series had lesser build quality, now people who want cheaper AMD and ‘gaming capable’ ThinkPads can use them on a well built frame.
These AMD processors are a bit better than an i3-7100u but lower than an i5-7200u…
Hopefully there will be Ryzen Raven Ridge CPUs soon… dunno how strong the Intel stranglehold is.

A475 – 14″ Mainstream – AMD Pro A10 or A12

  • Integrated AMD R5 or R7 graphics
  • 720p TN, 900p TN or 1080p IPS w/ a touch option
  • Starts at $790

A275 – 12″ Ultraportable – AMD Pro A10 or A12

  • Integrated R7 graphics
  • 720p TN or 1080p IPS w/ a touch option
  • Starts at $900
  • not yet available as of Dec 2017

ThinkPad 13 – School & Travel Laptop

So… I’m not sure where this laptop really belongs. Lenovo brought this machine out of nowhere.
Being a big fan of the X300 and 2009 Poly-carbonate Macbook, laptops with the 13.3″ screen form factor are just a perfect size for a standard notebook.
I wish there was a 13″ T-Series… the closest form factor would be the X1 Carbon 5th gen with its slim bezels.
However the ThinkPad 13 isn’t perfect, it looks very very similar to the E-Series, in fact it might just be a very late successor to the E330, so it won’t be close to a T-Series build quality.
But alas… I’ve yet to use one, so what is said is not in stone.

Thinkpad 13 Chromebook – Education Laptop – 1.6GHz Celeron, ‘upgraded’ 2.3GHz i3-6200u or 2.4GHz i5-6300u

  • 1080p IPS if buying direct from Lenovo (720p screens were phased out)
  • Intel HD 510 graphics for Celery, or 520 for i3/i5
  • eMMC storage only – 16GB or 32GB – AFAIK you’re stuck with ChromeOS
  • RAM is soldiered on as well
  • starts at $495

ThinkPad 13 2nd Gen – Entry/Travel Laptop – 1.8GHz Celeron or 7th gen i3/i5/i7 processor.

  • 720p TN, or 1080p IPS (multitouch optional)
  • Intel HD 610 if Celeron, otherwise HD 620 on Intel Core processors
  • SSD only – M.2 or NVMe SSD options (fast AF)
  • 1 RAM slot only 🙁
  • NO TrackPoint :/
  • Starts at $602
  • Yeah you can save $100 and get IPS if you bought the ChromeBook variant.


ThinkPad 11e – The hated CheapPad (or derogatory word)

Yeah… yeah… the 11e. I do have to talk about this thing.
This laptop has been around since the Ivy Bridge ThinkPads, I think they are on their 4th generation by now.
So with that said, if its not directly from Lenovo and if it does not directly state that it is the current gen processor (if it doesn’t directly state the processor in a picture and you go off a stock photo, and you get ripped off, you deserve it for ignoring these red flags)

W Series – Depreciated

W550, W540, W541 –  Last W-Series

W540 –

  • AFAIK these were unpopular systems and didn’t really go far
  • W540 changed the whole keyboard layout… adding a numberpad from E/L systems