Mac Pro 2006 & 2008 CPU Upgrade Analysis




Yeah, uhhh, like these Macs are super old. That being said you can still do a decent amount of good shit with them!
For these macs they are limited to dual core and quad core Xeon CPUs as well as DDR2 RAM limitations.
Unlike DDR3 Mac Pro 2009 & later, the ram in these units run HOT. I might do some fan mod on these while pulling power from an empty SATA slot.

Also the Mac 1,1 and 2,1 only have a 32bit EFI and Apple didnt let that pass on anything after Lion AKA OS X 10.7… 🙁
However there is some piker boot thing that lets you patch or bypass that bullshit, as the Xeon CPUs are 64 bit but not the stock EFI on the mobo…

There is that and you can always flash a PC graphics card to work on Mac. 😀
We AMD HD5870 nao.
For what it is worth, the Mac Pro 2,1 I have has the best processor you can get for that system, Dual 3GHz Quadcore X5365 and it is equal to my stock (so far) 2012 Mac Pro with a single QuadCore W3565 processor.

There isn’t much, as… most of these have crap perormance.

Really hard to say, a client of mine Lloyd says you can get Mac Pro 2012 systems for $300 if you wait patiently and act fast when the deal is out there.
These systems are usualy $450 plus shipping online…. yeah. :O


As far as one of these systems? really tough to say.

I’ve sold a 1,1 Mac Pro mobo for like $20 and PSU for like $25…. so if you buy a Mac Pro 1,1, for $50 you can break even….
It depends on the hard drives too. but like, 500TB/1TB arguably can be worth $10 to $30, but I wouldn’t count on it. 🙁

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Best Processor:

  1. X5482 – 3.2GHz    – 4581 v 8341 – $25 v 60
  2. X5460 – 3.16GHz – 4377 v 7920 – $12 v 25
  3. E5472 – 3GHz       – 4212 v 7850 – $6.50 v 21
  4. X5472 – 3GHz      – 4050 v 7809 – $8 v 18
  5. E5450 – 3GHz      – 4233 v 7620 – $14 v 33

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